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Persian Learner Textbook Set

Persian Learner Part One Persian Learner, Part Two Persian Learner Part ThreePersian Learner Part FourPersian Learner Extra Assignments DVD Persian Learner Instructor's Guide


1. Persian Learner Part One: Elementary Persian for College Students (Volume 1)

2. Persian Learner Part Two: Elementary Persian for College Students (Volume 2)
Part Two is currently unavailable on Amazon.com, you can order it from Amazon.ca or contact us at info@persianlearner.com to order

3. Persian Learner Part Three: Intermediate Persian for College Students (Volume 3)

4. Persian Learner Part Four: Advanced Persian for College Students (Volume 4)

5. Persian Learner Extra Assignments (for Part One & Part Two)

6. Persian Learner Audio & Video DVD (Part One to Part Four): contains homework pages

7. Persian Learner Instructor's Guide

8. Persian Learner's Dictionary: Free Smart Phone Web App

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