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Resources on Persian Language & Culture

Disclaimer: links and resources have been provided just for your reference. We are not responsible for the content of any third party website, and the inclusion of these links or resources does not constitute or imply any recommendation, approval, or endorsement of their content.

Resources for young Persian language learners: K-3, 4-5, 6-9 (access it by logging in - under development)

Resources for Persian language instructors: Workshops, OPI certification guidelines, (coming soon)

Resources for Iranians living abroad (coming soon)


PersianLearnerDictionary: Persian Learner's Dictionary (Persian, English, Chinese, Arabic, Pinglish), examples, POS, pictures, audios

Aryanpour: Persian - English, English - Persian: This is an old dictionary and a bit hard to search but it is still a good resource.

Hayyim: Persian - English: This is also an old but good resource.
Steingass: Persian - English: This is a great dictionary, especially for literary terms.
Wikipedia: This links to Persian Wikipedia
Vajehyab: Persian - Persian: A great resource for definitions. It searches Dehkhoda, Amid and other monolingual resources.
Farsilookup: Persian- Persian: This is a Persian dictionary that works like Vajehyab.

Farhang Moaser by Dr. Bateni: This is one of the best English-Persian dictionaries in the market.


Online resources are as good as a supplement to classroom or real interactions and they cannot replace authentic interpersonal communications in the classroom environment.
Persian Language Online: This is a good resource for vocabulary building skills and the alphabet.
Easy Persian: Some of its recorded phrases are useful.
Persian POD 101 Youtube Channel: A good resource for vocabulary building skills.


The Iranian Scholarship Foundation: offers scholarship to Iranian heritage (undergrad) students in the USA.
The Houtan Scholarship: offers scholarship to graduate students at an intermediate Persian level.
The Iranian American Scholarship Fund: offers scholarship to Iranian heritage (full-time PR) students in the USA.

Foroutan Foundation: offers scholarship to Iranian heritage students in California.

Momeni Foundation: offers scholarship to both undergrad and grad Iranian-American students.

The Canadian Iranian Foundation: offers scholarship to Iranian Canadians who were their members for two years.
American Institute of Iranian Studies: offers fellowships in Persian and Iranian Studies to US students.
Boren Scholarship: offers scholarship to US undergrad students for learning world languages.
Critical Languages Scholarship (CLS): offers overseas language scholarship to US undergrad students.
Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS): offers language scholarship to US undergrad students. Check your institution for FLAS.
Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute: offers grants and fellowships to graduate students.
Ansari Fellowship Program: offers fellowship to young Iranian-Americans pursuing a career in public service.
Akbar Ghahary Capitol Hill Internship Program (CHIP): internship for young Iranian Americans pursuing career in public services.
Iranian Alliance Across Borders: offers summer camps & grants for young Iranian American students (also offers grants)

The Iranian American Bar Association Foundation: offers scholarship to Iranian American law students.

The Islamic Scholarship Fund: offers scholarship to Iranian American students.
The Persian Scholarship Foundation: offers scholarship to Iranian American students.

Iranian American Academics and Professionals: offers scholarship to Iranians and Iranian Amricans living in DC & northern east states.

Society of Iranian-American Women for Education: offers scholarship to Iranian American women.

Iranian Association of Boston: offers scholarship to Iranian American in Boston.

Children of Persia: offers scholarship to Iranian Americans (check their website under scholarship tab).


Institutes in the USA
University of Southern California, Department of Middle East Studies, California, Los Angeles
Hamid and Christina Moghadam Program in Iranian Studies, California, Stanford
UCI Jordan Center for Persian Studies, California, Irvine
The University of Arizona, Near Eastern Studies, Arizona, Tucson
Near Eastern Studies @ UC Berkeley, California, Berkley
UCLA Near Eastern Languages & Culture, California, Los Angeles
University of California, Santa Barbara, California, Santa Barbara
University of California, Riverside, California, Riverside
Emory University, The Department of Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies, Georgia, Atlanta
Language Acquisition Resource Center at San Diego State University's Persian summer institute, California, San Diego
The University of Michigan, Near Eastern Studies, Michigan, Ann Arbor
Washington University in St. Louis, Jewish, Islamic and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures, Missouri, St. Louis
Princeton University, The Department of Near Eastern Studies, New Jersey, Princeton
New York University, The Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, New York
Columbia University, Middle Eastern, South Asian and African Studies, New York
The Ohio State University, Middle East Studies Center, Ohio, Columbus
University of Pennsylvania, Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia
The University of Utah, Middle East Center, Utah, Salt Lake City
The Middle East Studies Program at the University of Virginia, Virginia, Charlottesville
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Arabic, Persian, Turkish Language Immersion Institute, Wisconsin, Madison
Georgetown University Arabic and Islamic Studies Department, Persian, Washington DC
Harvard University, Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Persian Language Study, Massachusetts, Cambridge
Roshan Institute and Persian Flagship Program, University of Maryland, Maryland, College Park
Rutgers Department of African, Middle Eastern and South Asian Languages & Literatures, New Jersey, New Brunswick
George Washington University, Washington DC
University of Washington, Washington, Seattle
Portland State University, Oregon, Portland
University of Oklahoma, Iranian Studies , Oklahoma, Norman
San Francisco State University, California, San Francisco
University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, Chapel Hill
UC San Diego Heritage Persian Program,
California, San Diego
Persian Studies at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
, Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Yale Program in Iranian Studies, Connecticut, New Haven
University of Texas Austin Middle Eastern Studies, Texas, Austin


Institutes Worldwide
McGill Institute of Islamic Studies, Canada, Montreal
Toronto Initiative for Iranian Studies, Canada, Toronto
UBC Persian Studies, Canada, Vancouver
Austrian Institute of Iranian Studies, Austria, Vienna
The Iranian and Indian Worlds, France, Paris
Institute Français de Recherche en Iran, France, Paris
Free University, Institute of Iranian Studies, Germany, Berlin
Bamberg University, Iranian Studies, Germany, Bamberg
University of Göttingen, Iranian Studies, Germany, Göttingen
The Alliance Center for Iranian Studies, Israel, Tel Aviv
European Society of Iranian Studies, Italy
Scandinavian Society for Iranian Studies, Norway
British Institute of Persian Studies, London, UK
Institute of Iranian Studies, University of St Andrews, UK
Centre for Iranian Studies, SOAS University, London, UK

Persian Heritage Foundation (PHF): Grants

American Association of Teachers of Persian (AATP): Awards, Workshops
Association for Iranian Studies (AIS): Awards, Conferences
Farhang Foundation: Programs
American Institute of Iranian Studies: Programs
Foundation for Iranian Studies: Grants
The Iranian Cultural Foundation-Houston: Programs
Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute: Grants, Programs
The Iran Society, UK: Travel Grants, Programs
Iran Heritage Foundation, UK: Grants
PACSA: Programs
Pars Equality Center: Free Legal Services to Immigrants, Programs, Free Classes
Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans, (PAAIA): Programs
Persian Cultural Center San Diego: Programs
National Iranian American Council: Grants, Internships


Persian News
BBC Persian: News, UK
Jadidonline: Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, USA
Radio Farda: News, USA
Radio Zamaneh: News, USA
Deutsche Welle: News, Germany
VOA: Voice of America, USA
Gooya: News, USA
Euronews in Persian, News, Europe


Persian TV, Satellite & Movies
IranProud2: Persian movies
GLWiz: Persian satellite TVs
Jame Jam: Iranian satellite TV
Toronto Shahrvand: Iranians in Canada
Iranian Embassy: Washington DC


Persian Radios
Radio College Park, Maryland, College Park
RadioJavan: live Persian music
China Radio: Persian News, China
670 AM KIRN: Persian Radio in LA, USA


Other Persian Textbooks

Persian of Iran Today: This is a 2-volume textbook, a great resource with English guidance for both the instructor and the learner.
Persian in Use: This is an elementary textbook with abundance of grammar activities, a good resource for an intensive curriculum.
Saadi Foundation Textbooks: An Iranian government foundation that has published: "First Step, Hello Persian, Mina, Vocabulary in Use, Candle & Fog, Iranology, Enjoy Reading, etc." based on the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).
The Routledge Persian Course: Three levels are available, good resources for developing reading skills.
Persian: Here and Now: This is a 2-volume textbook, good resources for developing vocabulary skills.
Persian Grammar & Workbook: For two different levels: Basic and Intermediate, good resources for grammar development.


Persian @ USC
Tebyan: K-12 School textooks from Iran
How to Install Persian on Windows
How to Type Persian Correctly
Ketab Co.: Buy Persian books in California
Behnevis: Romanized/Pinglish to Persian
Iranian Cinema: UC Berkeley Library Database
Bilingual Children Books: English/Persian
Iranian Lawyers in the US