تدریس فارسی به روش ارتباطی

Three Communicative Modes

Find samples of communicative activities in our Persian classes in this tab. This is a temporary personal page created as a reference to my teaching approaches and best practices.

1. Presentational Mode (Speaking, Writing)

Pic1: Persian-III student is presenting Noruz

Pic 2: Persian-II students writing a real story

2. Interpersonal Mode (Speaking, Listening)

Pic 3: Persian-I students in groups speaking about their daily routines

Pic 4: Persian-II students in pairs role-playing to solve a complicated situation

3. Interpretive Mode (Listening, Reading)

Pic 5: Persian-II student is listening, following instructions and navigating through a map

Pic 6: Persian students listening to a guest speaker

Culture and Community Learning

See more event videos here: Cultural Events

Pic 7: Tea Table Event: Persian students mingling with Persian native-speakers

Pic 8: Language Day at USC

Pic 9: Teaching Writing Online on LED Lightboard - 2021

See how my former student Tim Doner speaks

Persian fluently after two months of immersion.



A Communicative Approach in Teaching Persian

The following communicative tasks and language functions have been identified based on the Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) and student need's analysis. The SLOs have been developed in line with the World-Readiness Standards for Learning Languages. Class photos and video clips have been recorded to demonstrate the application of pedagogical theories in a real classroom settings and to find possible deficiencies in order to adjust the curriculum and teaching practices.

Video Video 1 1- Presentational Mode
The Persian student is presenting "Persian & Iranian Languages".

Video Video 2 2- Interpersonal Mode (resolving a complicated situation)
The Persian-II students are playing the role of a travel agent and a customer.

Video Video 3 3- Interpretive Mode (as well as Interpersonal)
The student listens to a set of instructions, follows them and navigates through a map in an interpretive mode of communication. The other student, who instructs him, is in interpersonal mode by speaking and navigating him.

Video Project 1 Making a Documentary in Persian (project-based activity)
Persian students make a documentary in Persian by interviewing, translating from Persian to English, dubbing, directing, and narrating a story. Here is a short clip of their longer project.

Picture Project 2 Making a Comic Strip in Persian (project-based activity)
Persian-II students make a funny comic strip using narration and role-play tasks. They create speech bubbles in Persian and record their Persian acting on the bubbles. The technology used for this activity is called Pixton.

Video Video 4 Noruz Celebration - Community Cultural Learning
Persian students celebrate Persian New Year Noruz with the Iranian community.

Video Video 5 Students visiting USC Doheny Library- Persian Collection - Field Trip
Persian students visit USC Doheny Library and choose explore the Persian stack.

Video Video 6 Paragraph Writing Students work in groups and synthesize a story by combining their sentences into a cohesive paragraph

This personal page contains temporary contents (class photos and short video clips) showing different communicative modes of teaching in a real classroom. Materials are copyrighted and should not be copied or saved without written permission.