تدریس زبان فارسی

Persian Tutor (under construction)

Summer tutoring is available both in-person and online. You need to fill out an application form and attend a placement test before being admitted to our tutoring program. We reserve the right to deny our tutoring service to any person for any reason.

In-Person Persian Tutor

If you live in and around the Los Angeles area, we may be able to offer you an in-person tutor. Tutors are able to meet with you in public libraries or in your place. Please indicate where you want to meet your tutor in your application form. You can buy the instruction materials from this website. Please contact us for further instructions before your classes starts.


Online Persian Tutor

You can apply for our online tutoring service if you cannot meet in-person. You need to have access to a reliable Internet connection and an application such as Zoom.